Is Kids Fighting Common?

Child fighting and knocking is a common thing.For children, these fight can help them learn slowly about “self” and “other” relationships know that outrageous, unreasonable, headstrong and domineering in the community will not work. And learn to get along with people, the proper approach. Contradiction between the children,two of the most common mistakes that putting […]

How to Teach Children to Share ?

Typically, self-consciousness is beginning to revive when the child is two years old.They start to distinguish between “I, your” instinctively, they will all see and get things are considered to be a person, people cannot move. Around the age of 3 children through one-to-one exchange of goods initial share. Contrary to the child’s mental development, […]

Why Kids Love to Bargain?

Why do children repeatedly delaying, bargain with me, this is obviously my fault!Makes her feel my compromise opportunities, learned to follow the rules, because the rules are this people who do not follow the rules set by me. So she is right I also have the potential to change the rules for her.After all, bear […]

Why Children are Rebelling?

Are you worry about children obedient and disobedient .Children may in fact only to the rebellion. Not just adolescent children will rebel, in fact, when children grow older, there will be after three rebellious period, if a child is found somehow to do with you, try to understand their rebellion. Two or three years old, […]

For a Child, Get Adult’s Approval is Love, not Endorsed is Hate?

Parents let their children to learn how to write, she wrote a word look up to parents, until parents say this word in its right, dare to write down. Other things, too, seems to be the only other people at ease. For the children’s good behavior, her children were carefully managed. Such as have just […]

How to Teach Children to Tolerate?

Tolerance is the lubricant of the world, there is suffering and tragedy caused by intolerance. And a man not tolerant towards the formation of character, probably starting from the cradle on the little things. A lawless child, his behavior and “freedom” was irrelevant. Lack of rationality makes him unable to dominate his indulgence and clueless, […]

How to Protect Baby’s Ear Tips?

Many children have different degrees of hearing impairment, and hearing their parents 90% is normal, there are many children until 2 years old. In order to find the problem, early hearing screening is necessary. 0-3 months: being loud noise or horns, Thunder, even cry of pleasure came to hear mother’s voice expression, when mother spoke, […]

What is the Role behind to Pursuit of the Perfect Child ?

Are you wondering that is the role behind of the prefect child ?The answer is a strict parent.Each parent is like a game of Super Mario, over issues such as health care, personal development, parent-child relations tests, all the way through and through. As a parent, how to read a child? Really read law a […]

Why Raising a Child is so Tired?

Why raising a child is so tired? Because you’re wrong about one thing.When traveling abroad,you will feel the difference of parents in raising questions at home and abroad. Why did I spend so much energy, so tired ourselves out, not to raise the child better? 1.Worry about Meal. Hotel’s breakfast is abundant, but added the […]

The childhood without Snack is Incomplete for a Child?

Snacking all day long bear children? Some parents are worry on the snack nutritious ,will its decay the tooth?Baby’s gastrointestinal volume is relatively small, they can’t eat too much, they will feel full faster, hungry soon and easily get tired, thirsty easily, naturally gave him to eat and drink in a timely manner. For them, […]