7 Steps to Solve Newborns Crying at Midnight Problem

How come my baby crying in the middle of the night? Is not there something wrong? Crying at midnight seems many parents go through the nightmare, in fact, all newborns will cry in the middle of the night, but most are normal, parents with patience in the face when the baby crying do the right view, and in accordance with baby qualities give appropriate method to appease them.

Crying in the midnight is mostly normal for newborns
Crying in the midnight is usually the most obvious case in the first five weeks after the baby is born, most likely one day to cry on at least 2 hours and up to 3 months will be gradually reduced.
Newborn sleep about 16 hours a day, until reduced to 14 hours after 6 months. Baby which born three months are very short of sleep every time, every sleep from 2 to 3 times a sleep cycle (every newborn sleep cycle is about 60 minutes, and adults sleep about 90 minutes), with about 3 to 4 hours, so babies are seemingly sleep and awake , awake most of the intermediate cry, plus neonatal gastric emptying quickly, the midnight clamoring many opportunities to drink milk, even if the full 3 months, there are still 20% to 30% of babies in the middle of the night crying for milk, 70% to 80% to the baby at this stage will not sleep through the night.

Cry baby of communication
Almost all newborns have experience in the middle of the night crying, but most of which is without reason. The baby, he (she) had not yet learn how calm and do not express, “cry” is the only way to communicate and convey the message, so the face of the baby cry at night, parents without undue stress, sometimes because the hungry, the baby will be getting impatient cry; sometimes baby sleep disturbance, such as the surrounding environment is too noisy, too hot or too bright lights caused, so the parents do not think their children than others cry, a cry baby trouble.Just make sure not caused by disease, without feeling anxious.

The Recommended 7 steps to effectively solve the baby crying at midnight problems
There are so many parents often rush overwhelmed steps to determine the cause of the baby crying, and give timely treatment can soothe and fall asleep peacefully.

1 . Cry baby cry if different from the usual time of day.
2 . To see whether the baby is hungry, feed normally after naturally quiet down.
3. Check whether the diaper is wet, if any, should be replaced with a new diaper.
4. Observe the baby’s facial expressions, body movements and body temperature
5 · Check for diaper rash, mosquito bites or skin rash and other issues.
6. Create a quiet and comfortable environment, soft lighting, or humming to him, put on some music so that he has a sense of security.
7. patted him, let the baby calm down, if more than 15-20 minutes to appease still down, the baby is likely to cry because of physical discomfort so, then there is the hospital’s needs.