Family Planning to Welcome Newborn Baby

When there is a newborn coming,the parents will become servants, from the first day of the arrival newborn, mother keep very busy with the baby with breastdfeeding,changing diapers ,cleaning and totally tie up with baby stuffs. When a child is born, many mothers will put all the time and energy to the baby, the child is a member of the family, but all he is not at home, because the child will still leave them one day, to create their own sky, to build their own home, eventually we will return the husband and wife relationship. Therefore we should remind ourselves, we still a gentleman’s wife, daughter, parents, friends of the pillars of the child is not like her mother, is one of the rich kids learned an important role in life.How to welcome a newborn baby to our life?

TIPS I : Let Daddy involve in taking care of baby
Some mothers do not trust the child is handed over to men to take care of, just to hold a child’s action, my mother might have been my father reminded to pay attention to this, be careful of that, the father under pressure. I reminded my mother to understand that the child is “husband and wife,” the child, the child, the father is the indispensable role of the mother if the father let go and invite them to take care of a baby, “yes” than “worried” share “how do I do” than “you do not,” the father feel important, can ease a father, not only will have to pay more for child rearing in the future also make it easier for mothers.

TIPS 2: Family planning well in advance to discuss future
While a mother working workplace more able to adapt to pregnant condition. After the discovery of physical force is too large to affect the body and mind, we recommend that the mother and the baby still dominated, by adjusting positions, transfer or handover, to be produced in advance, if necessary, can all be a reference direction.
In addition, early discussions with husband for the future of the family., Home of the economic capacity to understand, as well as career planning and mother, is to continue to work on the need to find a reliable babysitter or relatives care or parental leave or want to ask a full-time band many decisions for a child, are needed time to discuss, to find the most appropriate solution.

TIPS 3: understand the postnatal depression
Mom just finished production in six months, has not been restored in the physical values are under busy day, many mothers joy from start to become unhappy, be careful might be “postnatal depression.” Postnatal body’s progesterone is still there, plus all the care of newborn tired moms to whether entirely has been depressed, then take on more care to husband in helping her mother through this period. If necessary seek professional medical support.