How to improve Children’s Organization Skill

As a parents,did below problems always happened in your house?

  • The toys scattered around after children play with it
  • Children concentrated on eat and play after back from school and only rush to do homework until late night.
  • Children tend to forget with this and that until teachers have a lot comments on your children.
  • Children may know clearly themselves on the things but they tends to forget if parents did not mention it.

What’s wrong with kids?

In fact, all these problems are not an issue.This is not because they do not have ability to do so but they just lack of good organizational skills.Children need guidance and teaching from parents to build their organization skills. There are 3 steps can help to improve children organization skills which is teach and guidance, exercise the skills  and strengthen to cultivate a organized living model.

Below are some steps which parents can help to improve children organization skills.

  1. Practice time management skills with your children.

Assigned children to be the lead in the selected events.So that,Children will work together with parents in planning of the schedule. Children will have no abjection to do the work together as they are involved in the planning.

2) Develop a Schedule

Some children like to play just after done all the homework and some children like to play first just begin to do homework. No matter how, parents should assist them in develop the schedule accordingly. Meanwhile, other family members also play an important role to make this done. For example, within the time doing homework. Best not to open the TV, so as not to make harassment.

3) Split large task into small tasks

Some greater homework, for example, reading reports or project-based learning, parents can be guided by the lessons divided into different sections, to complete day by day. Results will not be perfect if the homework get to done in rush when approaching the due date.

4) Action is more clearly than talk

It would be better to hang a large calendar on their work desk instead of mention it always at their ears. Parents should guide them to write down important things and date which the tasks should to be completed.   It can teach children to cultivate their own thing, remember their own habits.

5) Things to check before going to bed

Every night before going to bed, help to check the following things to the children:

  • homework whether all done?
  • Whether the to bring book has been placed in the bag ?
  • whether to wear uniforms has been hanging near the bed?

This is a little practice, the purpose is to develop a good habit to enter the ready state of good habits.When did it all his usual moves, he will do it willingly, without his parents repeatedly reminded.Children with lack the ability to organize will do a mess, a loss.To train a your children become a organized person,a lot efforts needed.