How to Protect Baby’s Ear Tips?

Many children have different degrees of hearing impairment, and hearing their parents 90% is normal, there are many children until 2 years old. In order to find the problem, early hearing screening is necessary.

0-3 months: being loud noise or horns, Thunder, even cry of pleasure came to hear mother’s voice expression, when mother spoke, turned around and looked at her mother.

3-6 months: hearing a loud noise will look for sources, could understand his name.Like to learn language, cackle or issued with long sharp cries, blows or raspberry, and be able to repeat similar “da” sound.

6-12 months: respond to a family called his name; staring at someone else tells him the object or picture can understand some commonly used words, such as bottle also will show some basic body language, such as goodbye, thank you hear music, will swing to the music, and clapped and sang along. Can say simple words, such as: father, mother, and so on.

Some parents wax nose, eye discharge equality as a waste, in fact, this is wrong, because the wax was certain physiological functions. Encountered dry air becomes thin after the wax or sticky grease, external auditory canal on duty, which can block the intrusion of dust and insects, and can buffer noise, blocked water flow can also inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction, can be known as tympanic membrane and external auditory meatus escort.

In addition, the child’s ear canal skin is different from adults, more delicate, closely with PC connection, less subcutaneous tissue, poor blood circulation. If a free to use tool for digging, such as toothpicks, matches, ear spoon, or even card, easily lead to injury, infection, inducing Fungus of external auditory meatus, inflammation, ulcers, and even cause ear pain, affecting the mouth and chewed.
Of course, if excessive secretion of Earwax, and the formation of a yellow-brown grease, or plug in the ear hardens, so that when kids feel uncomfortable, or hearing loss and need to be addressed. But you should seek help from a doctor, not their blind digs.

Enter the ear canal foreign bodies in emergency treatment
If it’s a food, such as peas, peanuts, corn, etc, once easy to puncture the eardrum into the ear, causing permanent damage. At this point, should kids head tilted, prompting foreign body relies on gravity falls out. If not, we should immediately take their children to hospital.

If insects fly into or climbed into has children of ear, has three a approach: a is adults with hand will children of Helix backward above filed, will ear road pulled straight, head crooked to into insect of side, makes ear within of foreign body sliding out; II is with flashlight to ear in irradiation, insects more will towards lights flying; three is to children of ear in drops several drops baby run skin oil, let insects with oil flow out.