How to Select Toys for Your Children?

Are you encounter a problem that what toys you should buy for your baby toddler or kids?

Toys are a child growing up essential partners, it can promote the development of children with visual, auditory and tactile, to exercise your baby hands, mental and physical ability.

There are toys for different age characteristics of their age , some parents give their children to buy toys with their own preferences, often leads

When buying toys for children, safety should always come first.When purchase toys ,parents must first understand whether the “CE” marking, which is in line with national safety testing standards .Parents should not buying the toy without this identification .Second, is the toy come with a green logo? The toy with green environmental logo can be frequently cleaned and disinfected, especially for infants and children to play.

There are toys for different age characteristics of their age, some parents provide their children to buy toys with their own favorites, which often can lead to buy toys ahead of the toy did not achieve the wanted purpose.As children growing, each time selecting toys will be different. When parent buying toys ahead of the toy does not meet proper function. As children grow older, the toy should be selected in each period and vary for all ages.

Child age choosing toys depends on function ,type and name toys 0-1 years depending on the development in accordance with, listening, stationery colored balloons actions, hanging toys; music boxes; rattle bar bell, wind chimes, rattles; cloth doll.

Depending on the children development , some toys such stationery ,colored balloons, hanging toys ; music boxes ; rattle , bell stick , wind chimes ,rattle ; doll ; small container , rings, sets of bowls , small car sliding , rocking horse ; building blocks , fight rub toys.Besides,Toy animal and plant development of language and cognitive image , three-dimensional geometry of toys , vehicles, and other small appliances .

Toys for 1-2 years toddler included of development action, pulling carts, balls, climbing toys , throwing toys, building blocks. Toys and a variety of flora and fauna image cognitive development of language, three-dimensional geometry, transportation.

Toy for 2-3 years toddlers included of development action toys balls, throwing toys, climbing and climbing drills, shaking Toys; Toys play sand splashing the development of language and cognitive entertainment toys .

Toys for 3-4 years kids included of old play house toys, animal toys, toys, transportation, medical, shops, military and other toys. structural plastic toy building plot, sand, water, mud and other natural materials.

For kids age 4-6 years old,the suitable toys are included  image simulation figures, animals and objects original image toys, drinkware , tableware , toys, and other medical care .Besides that,toys such as  plastic toy building structures , metal components , sand , water, mud and other natural materials .Intellectual Toys; card category ,Puzzles and  sports Toys push cart , windmills , kites, hoop , bridle ; rubber band , string , plastic ring , stilts , swing.

Last but the least,toys will let the children have a space of freedom to create, play while you learn while creating full play his rich imagination.