How to Teach Children to Share ?

Typically, self-consciousness is beginning to revive when the child is two years old.They start to distinguish between “I, your” instinctively, they will all see and get things are considered to be a person, people cannot move. Around the age of 3 children through one-to-one exchange of goods initial share.

Contrary to the child’s mental development, requires too little kids learn to share, and naturally, it is difficult “as adults would like”, and is likely to cause harm to children’s physical and mental. On the other hand, the things they think they can’t protect, this will have a great sense of insecurity. But will also strengthen their psychology, the children they will hide themselves, more willing to share. The other hand, they have a misconception: I can force be sent to others, then I can also be forced to take other people’s things.

Way to teach children to share
Don’t share has been emphasized, but a way to teach your children to share. When your child has been playing with a toy, tell kids toy change playing with other kids, so he can play with a new toy. So share for him was not to lose, but for more, so that the child will be encouraged to share and Exchange. Rather than always when children don’t want to share.

Share children the delineation range
If the kids don’t know how to share, initially from home and pick out a few exclusivet hings of their own, which is not to be shared out. People come to our house in front of the need to share, let your child find his willingness to share toys, snacks, and if children do things that he didn’t want to share, so parents need to tell the other children to master to ask for these things, or playing with other toys.

Describe sharing brings feelings
When after the children and the children shared, mothers do not forget to ask the child’s feelings, and encourage him, made him appreciate the share will bring him happiness. For example, “you play with beep cars, fun, right? If you are playing no one told you play, how boring. “But this is not praise:” are you willing to share your car,I’m so happy. “Because this praise focused on parents, want their children to learn to” share “, because” sharing “makes children happy and not make parents feel good, the very face. When a child after each shared harvest sweet heart and friendship,he will do better next time.

Give the child a “rich”
Now in a kindergarten or community, exchanged between the children what they like is common. Parents can let him know that he has something that is safe. Then prepared several kids share their favorite things with their friends, and kids exchange gifts, experience the joy of sharing.