How to Teach Children to Tolerate?

Tolerance is the lubricant of the world, there is suffering and tragedy caused by intolerance. And a man not tolerant towards the formation of character, probably starting from the cradle on the little things.

A lawless child, his behavior and “freedom” was irrelevant. Lack of rationality makes him unable to dominate his indulgence and clueless, is the loss of consciousness, is the expiration of the option. His aspect is the desire to control, on the other hand want to control others, oppressive consequences of his acts. Such children, his heart is weak, having lost his grip is actually lived in fear-if adults will not admit it, saying children unconscious in order to be happy, that’s so don’t understand children. There is a saying has said: “debauchery is not free, because gay people do lust slave to the habit to extricate themselves. If a person desires hobby slaves get freedom. ”

True happiness happy kids are kids who really free. He in life in the get has respect, so he learned has respect, respect others, also respect himself; he in life in the appreciate has Catholic, he on not enteric, and around, and heart narrow; he in life in the rarely by interference, so he refused to interference, don’t others interference, also not to interference others; he was as a independent of people to treats, he on get has put control himself of power, not was bad habits manipulation, has power select health of things.

“Only such a talent is free, and that people are willing to make their own and everything to be free. “As long as the normal love, give the child will not be too bad children love. Walk like a normal person to automatically stop on the edge of the cliff, a freedom of mind children know where the boundary. He may be due to the lack of common sense with a few minor mistakes, but it will automatically get experience,automatic correction of one’s own behavior, little misstep has become an important way to accumulate experience.