Is it Safe to Letting babies “cry it out” ?

When your baby is crying, parent will very anxious and trying to stop him , this is normal reaction . Sometimes, letting your baby cry is good. However, if the child is crying for more than an hour or crying, what will happens if parents not attend to the crying children? Will really cause the child psychological harm?

Each of the child can be appease in different ways, and sometimes they are not necessarily need to be attended, but totally ignore them may hurt their feelings. What should parents do when baby crying?

Therefore, parents must understand crying children in behind and give the child assistance

Usually a child crying for few reasons, the following are different types of crying:

  • To attract attention and this is the best way to move parents attention to them, and respond to the children.
  • To get the toy or desired snack which their parents will abandon their principle and give it to them.
  • Children have limited capacity to express their need and only can use crying for their expression.

For this reason, the time given to appease the parents must first understand the child’s crying like comparing what type, and even assisted the children talk about their feelings, needs.

And to learn other ways to express their emotions, or what you want. If you are worried that children develop bad habits and become dependent on, develop the following Key response:

  1. Confirm the safety. Let the children slowly calm down themselves in a safe environment .
  2. Eye contact. Parents to give a sense of stability and let the children know that parents will accompany at their side, so that children feel more fearful.
  3. Use another method to express their demands instead of crying: parents can understand what he needs, and through the good expression.

Baby and adult, they also have negative emotions and negative emotions is a very normal baby when frustrated expression. The most common way they express their negative emotions is crying.

When their negative emotions came , he would be unlikely to take into account the environment , it will not be in any mood to take into account the parents , their most direct expression is : My needs are not met  and I was angry , I’ll cry big downtown . In fact, the entire baby from the moment he was born was accompanied by his emotions, he at any time, in any event in any context or exhibiting bad mood, weeping and noisy this is normal. Therefore, children have negative emotions are quite normal, let him cry for a while will not harm.