Is Kids Fighting Common?

Child fighting and knocking is a common thing.For children, these fight can help them learn slowly about “self” and “other” relationships know that outrageous, unreasonable, headstrong and domineering in the community will not work. And learn to get along with people, the proper approach. Contradiction between the children,two of the most common mistakes that putting children on two extremes – either timid or very high-handed.
There are few common error:

1.Over Protection

Seeing their children beaten, would never let the children go out, for fear that children suffer outside, “you go out and beat people, also is staying at home. ”Could have adverse consequences due to excessive restrictions on the child’s actions, children will become a loner, outside hostility, will become timid and lacking communication skills.


Know when a child is beaten, no matter what’s going on, first reaction of parents was “this, looking for their parents to”, or simply tell them, “he hit you, you hit him! “Even the whole family set out, give the child courageous.Could have adverse consequences: it could make children “revenge” mentality, no matter who, as long as “the offence of” I have to be given back, “tit for tat” will not relent.

Contradiction between the objective and fair treatment of children

As a parent, addressing the conflicts between children, you should ask how things worked, fair and objective analysis to help their children, in this affair, who did well, who did not tell children meet again after such an event and how do I fix.Disadvantages of other children at the same time, also pointed out to his children in the event of liability, not to pour blame on other children.

Dredge, divert attention from child to contradictory results

Very important point is that attention to grooming, transferring the child to contradictory results, causes reflection, review your mistakes, shortcomings and mistakes of the Catholic partner. Telling kids to be honest to his friends, learn to forgive mistakes or negligence. Understand tolerance conducive to friendship.
Teach your child about forgiving standardsTo help children understand forgiveness, tolerance does not mean that there is no principle, not give up criticism and resistance. If necessary, let the children experience the harm of not forgiving others: as always haggle with anybody, no guest, the children will be afraid or do not like to make friend with you. Do not forgive, forgive as well as others.

Honest kids need extra care

For children in particular to be honest kids, parents should pay attention to self-protection ability of the child to education. In addition to tell children how to handle bullying and how to deal with things, but also encourage children to have more contact with other children, build confidence in dealing with others in the game.Some children are afraid of dealing with strangers, within in the collective life, parents and teachers to pay attention to correct these deficiencies, and create conditions that give them access to more people, exposure to new things. Foster child is lively and cheerful personality and creative expression, the courage to dare to argue the practice.