Is your child suffering from pressure?

Will your children having pressure? Nowadays, parents have family burden and had a lot pressure. However, do you think your kids will have pressure as well?

There is no doubt that children will have pressure. Just they are less likely to express their inner feelings or voice it clearly. This does not meant that children have no pressure and they may be express it on other ways such as screaming, crying, threw the things away ,keep quiet and so on. As parents, we may think that our children have eat well, live well, sleep well and parents provide them the best. They should be have zero pressure and not like adults daily are exposed to the different kind of pressure. The children pressure is accumulation of inner feelings and accumulation come from many sources.

For a children, other than school and toys , parents is everything for him in their little world. So parents’ mood good or bad, will shadow the child’s thoughts and feelings.Therefore,parents should remember never use emotional way to teach or talk to children.

For the case that suddenly has new member appeared in family. If the child is the only child in his family for a long time, he or she will feel jealousy with the additional new members in his family. This will create pressure to the children as well. Therefore, parents should be have talked to children about the introduction of new family members and let them be get ready for that.

Besides, frequently changing school or home environment due to personal factors will let the kids feel of insecurity.Therefore,it is recommended that to tell the children on the changes so that they can understand the reasons behind and they feel they are safe if you really cannot avoid that changes.

In addition ,the negative emotions like a seed of speech , it will acts as a negative nutrients , when parents treat children with some common negative words , like saying : You are mean , you are like nothing, I ‘ll beat you, you are useless or  other negative words , it will continue to grow the seeds of negative emotions in children growth , the pressure will become self- accusation. When we were still children, our emotions like a natural growing seeds as release without any limits and boundaries.But as we are grown older, we learned a lot, learned a lot from the experience. At that time, slowly, when bad mood comes, we learned and confront them, they will be depressed, and even hide them. For example, we are leading critics, colleagues after being misunderstood; we feel injustice, grumbles, anger, and suffocation. When this negative emotion comes, we are always trying to take them from our “emotional package” in throw out. We always worry: anger is not bad behavior? Frustration is not being ridiculed practice? Alternatively, after the release of their negative emotions, but they will blame themselves: Why so? Thus, when sad, we ask ourselves, “do not cry easily”; when wronged, we forced himself “knocked out teeth and swallow the blood”; when depressed, we forced himself “a forced smile,”!