Why Graffiti is Good for Your Children?

Some parents are worry that their kid will dirty and mess up the house with graffiti.Did you know that why graffiti is good for a children? 1, Graffiti promotes the coordination of child’s physical and sensory abilities. For the very first time when children holding a pen, they even not understand the posture of holding […]

Family Planning to Welcome Newborn Baby

When there is a newborn coming,the parents will become servants, from the first day of the arrival newborn, mother keep very busy with the baby with breastdfeeding,changing diapers ,cleaning and totally tie up with baby stuffs. When a child is born, many mothers will put all the time and energy to the baby, the child […]

7 Steps to Solve Newborns Crying at Midnight Problem

How come my baby crying in the middle of the night? Is not there something wrong? Crying at midnight seems many parents go through the nightmare, in fact, all newborns will cry in the middle of the night, but most are normal, parents with patience in the face when the baby crying do the right […]

Why the 4 years old toddlers become super active?

A lot parents will feel that children after a 4-year-old will became a little monster, they are very active in moving and it is very difficult to control them.This happened is due to the children after 4 years old,the children will be active and their brain stimulus actively. So it is hard to ask them […]

Is your child suffering from pressure?

Will your children having pressure? Nowadays, parents have family burden and had a lot pressure. However, do you think your kids will have pressure as well? There is no doubt that children will have pressure. Just they are less likely to express their inner feelings or voice it clearly. This does not meant that children […]

Baby Can Consume Baby’s Glucose?

Are you wondering whether a baby can consume glucose? Glucose will provide energy to body but is it too sweet for a baby? For infants 1 to 6 months of a child, main carbohydrate in food is sugars and starch. After 4 months, the types of food which containing starch are increasing. After 1 year […]

Is it Safe to Letting babies “cry it out” ?

When your baby is crying, parent will very anxious and trying to stop him , this is normal reaction . Sometimes, letting your baby cry is good. However, if the child is crying for more than an hour or crying, what will happens if parents not attend to the crying children? Will really cause the […]

How to Select Toys for Your Children?

Are you encounter a problem that what toys you should buy for your baby toddler or kids? Toys are a child growing up essential partners, it can promote the development of children with visual, auditory and tactile, to exercise your baby hands, mental and physical ability. There are toys for different age characteristics of their […]

How to improve Children’s Organization Skill

As a parents,did below problems always happened in your house? The toys scattered around after children play with it Children concentrated on eat and play after back from school and only rush to do homework until late night. Children tend to forget with this and that until teachers have a lot comments on your children. […]

Parenting: Time Management Tips

Parenting : Time Management Tips Doing housework,taking care of children,preparing for food is an endless day for a housewife. It is a tiring day but sometime they wish to have a break to do something else like reading, taking a relax time and other activities.However,it this too much for just some simple activities which they […]