Parenting: Time Management Tips

Parenting : Time Management Tips

Doing housework,taking care of children,preparing for food is an endless day for a housewife.

It is a tiring day but sometime they wish to have a break to do something else like reading,

taking a relax time and other activities.However,it this too much for just some simple activities

which they required? Therefore,time management is important for a housewife to gain some

free time.

Tips of time management.

1) How to manage your time?

a) Meal Preparation Planning.Plan your weekly meal preparation schedule to reduce the decision time to make on what to buy and what food to be prepared.

b) Plan you daily housework properly and finish it on time.

c) Divide the complicated housework into 3 to 5 parts to be completed and every time complete the part in 30 minutes.

d) Plan the next day schedule the day before to eliminate the next day rush ness.

e) learn to multitasking for example cleaning the house and at the same time listening to

some course on how to improve knowledge.

2) Learning to change

a) change on the kids daily schedule to make it more spare time and you can rest while they

are sleeping.

b) Utilise the planner apps to plan your schedule.

c) Plan your account transaction wisely.

d) Categories the kids toys into few bags and everytime let them play with one bag to make

they feel freshness on the toys.

e) Utilise electric tools like vacuum,robot vacuum ,dish washer and others.

3) How to create more time?

a) Utilise electric cooker and save the time,while cooking can do house work.

b) Buy same type and same color of socks so that no need spend much time to match the sockafter wash,

c) Use clip hanger to hang kids clothes and catogories the kids clothes in boxes.

d) Online buying house necessity and reduce the time to bring kids going out to buy .

e) Do not reject offered help from relative or in law to gain some spare time.

4) Observe where can save time

a) cook for 2 to 3 meals for a time,can keep the food for frozen.Prepare the meals which can be frozen once a week,

b) Prepare a simple steps meals and avoid complicated steps meals preparation.

c) Reduce the kids toys and clothes.This will save your time to clean and arrange them.Donate out the excess toys and clothes.

d) wash the clothes once a week or wait when full a basket for wash.

There is a trick to save time on doing housework. Plan your schedule wisely hence you can have spare time for enjoy yourselves or with your kids.