The childhood without Snack is Incomplete for a Child?

Snacking all day long bear children? Some parents are worry on the snack nutritious ,will its decay the tooth?Baby’s gastrointestinal volume is relatively small, they can’t eat too much, they will feel full faster, hungry soon and easily get tired, thirsty easily, naturally gave him to eat and drink in a timely manner.

For them, only eat 3 meals was required is not enough energy for them for the whole day. Needed between meals and to provide children with food 2-3. Snacks usually means three meals a day time point of time eating food, related to the consumption points, has nothing to do with kind.

Baby activity increased significantly after age 1, movement energy consumption. A hungry baby easy temper and appetite at dinner time, baby will not get enough nutrition.Healthy snack as a meal supplement, which can give baby exercise consumes energy, and help balance irregular eating, babies can bring the joy of living. A tasty little snack, bring child childhood happiness and satisfaction, their memories of their childhood, as you can imagine. Kids love to snack, is bad news, but the good news is, of what children eat.

How to select a snack? select the snack that is ease of digestion and absorption, nutrient deficiency in supplementary staple food, to meet the needs of the growth and development of children. Best is a highly nutritious, low sugar food. Snack specifically designed for infants, strict control of preservatives, artificial flavors, colors and add sugar, more suitable for baby to eat.Taste a variety of Heinz fruit mud, retains the natural fruit juice pulp, natural fruit more than ordinary fruit juice dietary fiber helps digestion and absorption. Can babies drink directly, hemp or you can invest a little thought, DIY into a variety of small snacks.

On the amount should not be too much, enough is adequate. Too much snacks can affect dinner appetite. Up to no more than twice a day, pay attention to half an hour to 1 hour before dinner don’t let children eat snacks, so as not to affect the baby’s dinner appetite!