What is the Role behind to Pursuit of the Perfect Child ?

Are you wondering that is the role behind of the prefect child ?The answer is a strict parent.Each parent is like a game of Super Mario, over issues such as health care, personal development, parent-child relations tests, all the way through and through.
As a parent, how to read a child?
Really read law a child is three, the first to forget yourself, to recognize a child’s feelings; science article you know what children really want to express is at this time; third study him, feel him. In most cases, our parents, strong emphasis on their own judgment, I think you are doing, I think what you are doing, and just went on to own that, and ignore the child his own true feelings.

Parenting ideas when there is a conflict between two generations ,what should I do?

Young parents must make sure that you are the child’s first responsibility, nobody can replace this position. Second, the attitude of respect for the elderly. Thirdly, it has to recognize the contribution made to the family for the elderly, parents make mistakes. Last point is particularly important, to use more positive things, to reduce the negative effects on old people.

Children striving for perfection in all things, how to solve?

The pursuit of perfect children, necessarily in an ambient environment often to evaluate the results of his actions, for example, would often praise him do good, this result around this intense praise people too much, and everyone not to pay attention to the process itself. Or the other extreme is often criticized him for doing well, that he is always scared, always demanding their.

When the mix when the stern?
We do not want their children to fear a person, we need to let children fear rules. The children know, I told them strictly, not my personal desires at an angle, but for their own good. Age and then a small child, he can feel, who is really good for him.