Why Children are Rebelling?

Are you worry about children obedient and disobedient .Children may in fact only to the rebellion. Not just adolescent children will rebel, in fact, when children grow older, there will be after three rebellious period, if a child is found somehow to do with you, try to understand their rebellion.

Two or three years old, is the child of the first rebellion. They do not like a baby at the time, letting parents make arrangements for them, small thinking more and more of their own, have been unwilling to mercy by their parents, so they show disobedience, they do not match.In rebellious stage, some children obviously, some children have little reaction, key to this difference is, how children are being raised. Such as some family, leaving his son as pesky kid, many of its decisions are not discussed with him, they directly call the shots, did not give him the opportunity to express their views, so his heart rebellious little universe will break out from time to time.

If the idea that asking children and respect their views, the first rebellious nature can survive. In a certain range, he wanted to determine their own affairs, then so be it.
Just like if you don’t let him get the sauce on the clothes, more stimulating to the parents, the more he may be doing. As long as we don’t pick him up, shifted his attention, he would not continue.Actually the child is in such a way to resist, because there’s always follow the arrangements, he was able to spend on their own very little time, arrange things can only be done by adults, while working against, secretly doing things you want to do.

Seven or eight years old, children the second rebellion, if normal life there are few opportunities for themselves, it will show some problems. For example, unfocused, dilatory, naughty with the grown-ups.Force him to do something, he rebelled. So parent had to follow him, guide him, than with his passion to work.Gradually let go and let him own his own thing. Winter holiday arrangements to give himself. His plan, write every day, what time, what other time, are themselves in charge. Morning and afternoon allowed him to have a free time, extra-curricular activities and school time, allowing him to make their own arrangements. Things have improved as expected, he broke a finger every day, this turn to count every day tasks that must be completed.Successful completion of tasks, would reward him. There is a problem, warned him in advance.

Adolescence, don’t want an obedient child.Child of treason are continuously saved, didn’t get past the first two rebellious period, greater energy of adolescent rebellion. He has more of his secret when he needed respect, equality and freedom.To respect him as an adult. Give him the opportunity to express their views on an equal footing, or he won’t want to tell parents the truth.When a child is screwed to, as a parent, remember to give him space to minimize the control, allowing his emotions out in their own way.

Now they preach hate, verbal commands much less talk, less control and more freedom, less negative and more appreciated.Parents of children, sometimes like a kite, you expect he flew higher and higher, let the line, the more pull tight kite easy to lose control. Rebellion the signal is passed through the line to the kite, children are naturally grown, he reminded me to let go.Don’t want a “naughty” children, let the child as his own, even more important.