Why Graffiti is Good for Your Children?

Some parents are worry that their kid will dirty and mess up the house with graffiti.Did you know that why graffiti is good for a children?

1, Graffiti promotes the coordination of child’s physical and sensory abilities.

For the very first time when children holding a pen, they even not understand the posture of holding a pen, whether is simple vertical or line, they are painting have “zig-zag line”–this is because children cannot control their hand movement freely.
And child, repeating “graffito”, in fact it is in training, in order to improve their hand-eye coordination skills. If parents always stop the children from graffiti, their body to coordinate the force will be greatly reduced.

2, Graffiti helps in raise a child’s imagination.

For an adult,our world is preset to be well-behaved in the growth process, in our view, the leaves should be green, and didn’t have the mouth flower is singing a song, turtles crawling the slowest, the rabbit is running faster.
But the child’s imagination is endless, and in their portraits, the leaves may be colorful flowers just a mouth can sing happy songs, Tim turtle wings can fly very fast, the Lions can be a human pet can live together in peace … …
Imagination is not available. This time you have to do is, played by children, freedom to imagine, dont correct him.

3, Graffiti can sharp a child’s observation skills .

Children readily scribble something, in your opinion, do not know what. However, if you have the patience to one by one “interviews”, you will realize this graffiti, hid the children kind of sharp and observant.
For example, the two small circles, the child will tell you: “that is a rat’s eye–as the mouse’s eyes are very small and very small”; a strange sack, is a child in the eyes of the cat, Doraemon’s Pocket can come up with a lot of good things .
Each child love graffiti, a striking observation, they can always catch things the first time feature and record only, adults don’t understand their thinking.

4, Graffiti can help to strengthen the child’s memory.

Those you can’t read screen, in the eyes of children, is the most authentic records and memories-well, or is that sentence: child’s world adults do not understand. You may not know, but please respect the idea of children, can’t afford to because they have “not as” want against jokes, this will be a blow to confidence.

5, Graffiti was a child emotional outlet for exports.

People may think, child, cry baby cry laugh, because the young, crying will always be forgiven, don’t have to worry about no face, but downloadable free fun, which still need the help of other channels? But it’s not.
Some children, sometimes because of excessive suppression of the parents, sometimes the negative mood infected or affected him, and if he does not know how to release it, so he needs to vent by graffiti–which is why some psychologists, in front of a psychotherapy for the children, to be causes of children’s paintings. Because each painting, is a true portrayal of the children.
Here also say one other thing: parents, if the child’s paintings, substantial dark tones and lines hard, chaotic, more aggressive . It must have been in his mind some of the negative emotions, parents must find a way to find out what children are wrong or have any dissatisfaction, timely guidance.
Certainly, home has a love graffiti of children, on love clean clean of mother for, does is a is head big of thing–because children is impossible obediently to in paper painting of, they of creation is with sex, even you to he prepared good has paper pen, he also may took with crayons in clothes , and in wall , and home private painting.But, there is a saying: “the wallpaper can be changed, but inspiration cannot be erased”