Why Kids Love to Bargain?

Why do children repeatedly delaying, bargain with me, this is obviously my fault!Makes her feel my compromise opportunities, learned to follow the rules, because the rules are this people who do not follow the rules set by me. So she is right I also have the potential to change the rules for her.After all, bear children know how to bargain on conditions, not because our parents are.Remember, we are not always on the lips condition?

If you English a good performance today and I’ll buy you a box of puffs.

If you have a good dance, I’ll give you a new pair of shoes.

If you got 100 points, I’ll take you to travel!

We talk to children about conditions, and, in turn, blame them, and we did talk about the conditions?
Just like parents always says, if you don’t eat, I won’t allow you to watch TV. Daughters know how to turn on condition: If you don’t let me watch TV, I don’t eat!
Some parents, there’s always humble attitude ask children to do something. For example, please, baby, to be late for class. Ask your baby, we hurry to eat to grow up! Children are very cunning, you always this way, of course she knows how to bargain.So please try not to talk about the conditions.When children learn to haggle, so please hold on!

Gentle calm and adhere to
Set the rules, whether adults or children must be adhered to, especially adults, children’s sugar-coated bullets must hold and stick to it. Because you have to make children understand that the importance of rules.Of course, insisted on not to be thawed and children, make children sad, but let them know where you stand. When children are bargaining, you just need to keep the original tone gently repeating the rules, children will know that the negotiations had failed.

Give children 2 to 3 opportunity to choose
Don’t decide for the children. After all, parents may not be decided by the child expects.For example you want to 8:30 her to turn off the TV, she may not be sleepy. If you just don’t want to let her watch TV for too long. Could give her three choices, allowed her to watch after the turn off the TV, eat some fruit, or play fun games and then go to sleep. The kids make their own decisions, not only let her learn to be independent, is to avoid unnecessary haggling.

Do Not Compromise
Many children are acting. Utilize parental heart, cry, to achieve their goals. Many parents, especially among the elderly people see them cry and try to compromise. However,a lot parents did not know that, When children master the mental, will be more and more a mile. At that time, parents will be more difficult to control the situation.So, no matter how difficult, must stick to their positions, declined to bargain.Only if parents comply with the rules, children will follow your steps and moving forwards.