Why Raising a Child is so Tired?

Why raising a child is so tired?

Because you’re wrong about one thing.When traveling abroad,you will feel the difference of parents in raising questions at home and abroad. Why did I spend so much energy, so tired ourselves out, not to raise the child better?

1.Worry about Meal.
Hotel’s breakfast is abundant, but added the local sauce children do not like to eat, parents have to think of ways to coax them to eat.
Some parents just let their children eat by themselves, either holding hands is, still eats a mess on the table, parents are watching. Do not worry, finished up, and take them back.

2.Backpack is filled
Most of parents will carry alot of children stuffs together when travelling.Your backpack filled with what? Oh, there was the children bedtime required, thirsty, hungry, tired, wet clothes .

3. Kids Activities

Some parents will have plan upfront on the children activites.To the beach, most of the time, sleep, and processing the message.Either swimming or lying in the Sun, occasionally chatting with family. Parents will teach children on how to swim and play with surfboard.

4.Why Say no

There might be some activities that parents not allow their children to play with.They worry of danger and do not consider all suitable cases and will say No instead.

5.Why am I so tired

Parents try to make money, help for the elderly, with children, family juggle, trying to give their children a better life. Cared for the children, so we were very tired.

Parents took the time to study more than 10 kinds of child feeding practices, but rarely learn in what ways to communicate with your child.

Parents may have prepared a backpack of emergency items, let dad carries, but did not relax to accompany their children in playing game.

The result is this rearing, I am tired, children are bored.

According to a survey, 43.9% parents, “0-3-year-olds are too small, just eat and drink is OK, not necessarily education” this idea, 67.7% parents fully associates itself with the “0-3-year-olds are too small, can’t understand truth without reason with them” the idea.

In other words, a considerable number of families have such problems. In the process of child-rearing and to focus more on substance, and ignore spiritual communication, light, which is taught.

As children grow older, they can gradually master the basic life skills, do not need parents keep up with everything, and they thought it would grow more and more precisely, this is the key.

Therefore, “educated” the word taught at the front, in the back.

If we can gradually let go of some aspects of life in every possible way, so that children can also have arranged alternative less, parents easy, kids can more freedom and independence grow better.