Why the 4 years old toddlers become super active?

A lot parents will feel that children after a 4-year-old will became a little monster, they are very active in moving and it is very difficult to control them.This happened is due to the children after 4 years old,the children will be active and their brain stimulus actively. So it is hard to ask them to sit quietly. If insist that they will not concentrate on doing thing.Let us understand why the toddlers after 4 years old became so active.

Muscles are not strong cause restlessness
In addition to increasing the amount of activity, there are some children’s restlessness is because the body’s muscles are not strong enough .The common characteristics of these is the children have no way to sit upright, they will then ran very good move .In fact, they did not go against with the parents, but this is because upper back muscle endurance, tension neck reflex is too strong, the human brain than the one caused by vestibular thorn demand. Child if the lack of back muscle endurance, they will sit still struggling, even tummy, lying down, only to maintain these positions until they feel more comfortable, to force him to sit upright, but he could not concentrate on reading or painting. Parents usually allow their child to practice some more hands held high over the shoulder of the movable member, such as the throwing ball.

Crawling time is too short
Reflection of tension neck too strong, means that when the neck is rotated hand involuntarily moving around, mostly in infancy crawling time near the child, the child will not stop the touching here and there, rocking chairs, are often misunderstanding naughty good move, she suggests that parents can allow more children to swim or play games crawl posture helps reduce neck tension reflection.Swimming can help to support the neck movement and it is a very good activity for train children breathing as well.The last point is the brain’s vestibular stimulation, then the child a sense of need for speed will increase so will love rushes to, to jump from a height this child should ride a bike or skates left, to meet the child after vestibular needs children can be more stable and focused.
Volume of the activities does not mean not quiet down, the more force is not focused , sometimes as long as meet the needs of the children want to move, they can focus on doing one thing quietly. Parents should allow the toddlers after 4 years old to exercise more and train their muscle growth.